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Our Company History
Orthotic & Prosthetic Design, Inc. was co-founded by Mark Wilson, Debbie Wilson, and Mike Dailey to bring patient focused care to the physically disabled population of the St. Louis metropolitan area and the surrounding counties. It is our desire to use technology, innovation, and design to bring quality and value to all our products.

Our philosophy is simple. We are part of your rehabilitation and by incorporating highly qualified professionals in the orthotic and prosthetic field, along with innovative ideas and design techniques, we will produce a clinical result that will enhance the quality of life of the patients we serve.
Our Mission
Orthotic & Prosthetic Design is a team of health care professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of comprehensive patient care. Providing technology, innovation, and design combined with patient focused care, quality, and value in all our products. Our treatment plan is designed to highlight each person's individual lifestyle needs and design a custom orthotic or prosthetic device to enhance that quality of life. Our mission is to help our patients manage the everyday, recover from the unexpected, and realize their independence.
The Guiding Principles
We expect nothing but the highest level
of ethical behavior.
We provide comprehensive patient focused care.
We recognize each other's successes.
We work as a team.
We communicate fully.
We listen and respond with geniune concern.
We rely on the active participation, cooperation,
and initiative of every employee.
We hold each other responsible and accountable
to our company goals.
We focus on solving issues without concern
for whose job it is.
We share a commitment to policies
and procedures.
We continually evaluate the quality of
our products and services.
We are committed to accurate, timely, and
compliant billing and reimbursement policies.
Orthotic & Prosthetic Design
Accredited with the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
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