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What to Expect

When you visit O & P Design for the first time,
please bring the following items:

1. Your physician's prescription
2. Your insurance information
3. A family member or friend. They can help you remember instructions
   and may ask questions that you did not think to ask.

What Happens During Your First Visit to O & P Design

• You fill out some forms so that we can start a patient chart to
   have a record of your care.
• You will be asked to provide us with your insurance and
   Medicare or Medicaid information. Please arrive a few minutes early
   for your appointment to allow time for completing paperwork.
• You will be shown to a private patient room where an evaluation
   will be made by one of our practitioners.

During the Evaluation

• The practitioner will ask questions about your prescription,
   medical history,occupation, lifestyle, interests, activity level and
   the goals of your treatment

• This evaluation will assist us in designing your orthotic or
   prosthetic device to meet your specific needs, so please provide
   as much information as possible.

• You will be measured for the orthosis or prosthesis,
   which was prescribed for you.

• Once this process is complete; you will be scheduled to return to
   O & P Design for the fitting of your orthosis/prosthesis.

Please note that due to the unique nature of our work it is often difficult to predict the exact amount of time needed to see a patient. While we try to stay on schedule, occasionally we fall behind. We ask for your understanding and consideration in this matter. Please be assured that when it is your turn to be served you will be given the same high level of care and attention.

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