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Our Payment Policies
At O & P Design, Inc., we understand the burden that can be created by healthcare expenses. We will make every attempt to try and ease that burden. We ask our patients to understand the complex and costly process that is involved in the design and fabrication of customized prosthetic and orthotic devices. We will be happy to assist you in working out a payment plan, helping you file your insurance claim, or discussing possible alternatives for financing. However, we cannot begin fabrication of a device until insurance verification is completed or other financial arrangements are made.

Private Insurance
Patients covered by a private insurance company are asked to pay their deductible in full and half of the co-payment in advance. The other half of the co-payment will be due upon delivery of the finished device.

Medicare and Medicaid
It is our policy, in the majority of cases, to accept direct Medicare and Medicaid assignments. In those cases in which we cannot accept assignment, we require half payment in advance and the other half upon delivery of the finished device. If special arrangements are needed, we will attempt to work out a plan for you before we begin work on the prosthesis or orthosis.

Worker's Compensation and Veterans Health Administration
Payment is not required for verifiable worker's compensation recipients. Veterans must present appropriate authorization from the Veterans Health Administration.

Click on the link to learn more about Care Credit Patient Payment Plans http://www.carecredit.com/iscc.html

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