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In-Service Training
At Orthotic and Prosthetic Design, we recognize the value of continuing education for our professional staff members. We also accept the responsibility of sharing this knowledge and information for the benefit of other professionals and their patients.

We are frequently called upon to present in-service training on patient management and new technologies in prosthetics, orthotics and pedorthics to physical therapists, medical staff, hospital staff, case managers and others to improve the continuity of patient care.

At Washington University in St. Louis, our facility regularly conducts teaching and training sessions for the students in the OT/PT department. The certified clinical staff of Orthotic & Prosthetic Design, Inc. is committed to contributing to resident's education and teaching, as well as the required competencies for resident's training in the field or orthotics and prosthetics as established in conjunction with the residency program Director at Washington University in St. Louis. Our clinical staff conducts formal lectures and seminars that are used as a guideline for resident training.

We will be glad to conduct training for your staff. Please contact Debbie Wilson at 314.535.5359 to setup an in-service session at your office or one of ours.
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